Our Team

Keven Amburgey

Keven grew up right here in Knott County, Kentucky and had one daughter, Jessica. She decided to stay in Knott County for college, obtaining a Bachelor’s in Arts in Elementary Education from Alice Llyod College and went on to get her Rank One from Morehead University and Eastern Kentucky University. Keven found her way to Hindman Settlement School’s Dyslexia Program because she loves helping kids and wants to teach children with learning differences how to read.

When Keven isn’t educating the youth of Knott County, she likes to read Women First Health related magazines, writing, and crafting. Although Keven isn’t a huge fan of sports, she enjoys kicking back and watching the local Elementary and High School sports teams play. Keven hates disrespectful attitudes, but loves to listen to nostalgic music from the 70’s and 80’s like Journey, Foreigner, and Chicago.

Connect with Keven

(606) 785-4044