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Ola Pigman

Ola is a well-learned member of the team, having received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Maryville, a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Alice Llyod College, and a Master’s degree in special education and learning differences from Morehead State University. However, Ola somehow found time to have a family with her husband, Larry Pigman and her two kids Marcus and Kelly. Marcus and Kelly went on to start families of their own, making Ola a grandmother to four grandchildren.

Ola has been a devoted member of the Hindman Settlement School since Mike Mullins first brought her on to run the dyslexia program. She has been our program director for over two decades and she always give the same reason for foregoing retirement: “I am still working because learning to read is a necessity if you are going to be successful”.

Connect with Ola

(606) 785-4044