The Makery at Hindman Settlement School is an immersive online studio designed to nurture your imagination in a neighborly, supportive community, offering four-week intensive courses, as well as on-demand video content in writing, traditional arts, and foodways from Appalachian scholars, artists, and farmers.

Spring 2021 Intensive COurses

Re-Cognition and Re-vision: Pushing the boundaries of poems with Nickole Brown

April 2021

Writers often place a hard line between the acts of writing and revising. While the first is seen as an act of joyful inspiration, the second is generally viewed as drudging perspiration. This workshop—which will spend the duration of three weeks working on one single poem each student will share the first day of class—focuses on specific elements such as tone, metaphor, imagery, form, and sound as we walk through a step-by-step process by which you might not only revise the poem selected for this class but also your other work as well. With the goal of infusing revision with the creative energy that accompanies writing early drafts, this straightforward, pragmatic workshop will be most helpful to writers currently working on drafts of existing poems

Introduction to writing speculative fiction
with Ashley blooms

May 2021

Every genre—from literary realism to high fantasy—must build a world that invites the reader to explore. But for writers of speculative fiction, who often bend or outright break the rules of our shared reality, world-building poses unique challenges. This class will look at the basics of building a world through character, setting, and language. Whether you’re a writer who has never written genre and are curious to try or you’re an emerging genre writer who’d like to brush up on the fundamentals, this class is designed to generate new ideas and blur our definition of what genre means.