Flood Relief Donation

Update: 08/04/22

Thank you to all of the volunteers, those who have contributed so much so quickly, and for the outpouring of support!

As the situation in Hindman and our region evolves, we will provide news and updates on this page as well as on social media.

It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of loss that our region is experiencing. The basics of life, those that I have taken for granted, such as a hot meal, running water, bathroom facilities, and a safe, dry place to sleep each night…are all things that are difficult to find in Eastern Kentucky at the moment.

Hindman Settlement School is operating as a base of operations in a number of ways. Unfortunately, the community and Hindman are still without running water and electricity. Our staff and volunteers continue working to provide 3 hot meals a day, cooking on outdoor grills with propane gas for anyone who needs a meal, safe and dry accommodations for 100+ people, and we are distributing donations to our community members. Hindman Settlement School is open and welcoming to anyone who has a need.

Immediate Needs are listed below and will be updated as the situation evolves.

As we continue to care for each other in Eastern Kentucky – your continued support is invaluable!

Many thanks,


July 27 - 28th, 2022 brought unprecedented torrential rains and devastating flooding to Eastern Kentucky, the likes of which we haven’t experienced in the 120 years of Hindman Settlement School. The entire region is experiencing loss; loss of loved ones, their homes, cars, and of the basic necessities like food, water, shelter and sanitary conditions. Hindman Settlement School has sustained significant damage to the property and buildings, but we are so grateful that the Hindman Settlement School staff and the guests that were on campus are all safe.

The photos are a very brief snapshot of the flooding and damage to the property at Hindman Settlement School.  Buildings can be repaired - but more importantly our attention now turns to helping our friends, neighbors and community by providing meals, shelter, and basic necessities.

We have received calls and messages from so many looking for ways to help and we cannot thank you enough for reaching out!  Our immediate needs include cash donations and the supplies below.

As the situation evolves, we will update this page with information and supplies needed. Thank you for your support!

Will Anderson
Executive Director
Hindman Settlement School

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Immediate Needs (Updated: 08/09/22)

*We do not accept clothing donations

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