The Flashback #1: Glass Slides

Archive Glass Slides

These glass slides have been pulled from our archive room. Each one illustrates the deep-rootedness and long history of Hindman Settlement School, bringing color to a dominantly colorless past. These slides allow us to see the black and white past as the world of color it truly was.

They show a small class of boys who were educated on Hindman’s campus. They also exhibit old Fireside Industry Cabin that used to house the administrative staff. Additionally, the slides offer an opportunity to show some of the buildings like the Hospital where Trachoma was cured by Dr. Stucky. It also shows buildings lost to fires years ago like the Westover dorms that housed students like the boys in the glass slide, as well as, the Orchard House, which served as the dining hall for the staff and students. Lastly, you can see the historic Hindman Bridge that graces our brand to this day, still providing passage across Troublesome Creek.

Each of these slides represent a snapshot of Hindman Settlement School’s history. Sadly, these masterpieces have been tucked away in our archives for some time, waiting to be rediscovered. We are happy to bring these artful relics to the forefront and admire them as generations before us have.

Regretfully, we cannot show all these slides to the world because the equipment used to view them has been lost to time. We wish we had a way to better display this history the way it deserves, but for now, they will have a brief moment in the limelight. If you’re interested in supporting this project, check out our wishlist: