Student Success: Andrea & Liam

Each day in partner public schools across southeastern Kentucky, our ReadingCorps tutors work with students to teach fundamental reading skills. Our curriculum is designed to aid in word identification, word attack (the ability to decode, pronounce, and understand unfamiliar words), and passage comprehension. Periodically, we showcase some of the students who are making great strides in their reading skills along with the tutors who help make this success possible. Today, we’re heading to R.W. Combs Elementary in Perry County.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea since March. When I first started working with her, she was shy and so quiet that you couldn’t hear her when she spoke. While she is still a bit shy, she has really opened up to me. She’s talking louder and even making some jokes!

Last school year, she was very reluctant to even try sounding out a word, but now she is doing this every day while making steady progress with our curriculum. Her passage comprehension scores have improved as well! I am very proud of the progress that Andrea has made. She is a brilliant young girl!”

-Kimberly, ReadingCorps Tutor


Liam, another student at R.W. Combs Elementary, has also made significant progress. Here’s what his tutor Lola has to say about his accomplishments and growth:

“Liam has been in our Reading Lab since March. Like with many of our early elementary students, we have been working hard on breaking apart sounds in words and “tapping out the vowels.” Liam has made so much progress over the past 8 months. Before we started working together, his word identification and word attack levels were both 1.7. His most recent scores show he’s at 3.3 in identification and 2.8 in attack. This is such a huge improvement in such a short period of time!

This accomplishment not only builds his confidence, but mine too. It is such a joy to be a part of Liam’s journey!”

-Lola, ReadingCorps Tutor

Let’s all celebrate Andrea and Liam’s achievements continued success!