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Diane Owens

Diane Owens went to Knott Central High School and graduated in 1995. Since then, she has been raising her two boys, Ezekiel and Ashton, with her husband John Owens.  Her Oldest son, Ezekiel, graduated from Hazard Community and Technical College and her youngest son, Ashton, is a 7th grader at Hindman Elementary.

Nothing can rival the love Diane has for her family, but a close second in her heart is the Hindman Settlement School and the beautiful mountains that cradle it. When asked which Settlement School memory is most precious to Diane, she says they’re like the Appalachian seasons: She loves them all. Although, Diane loves the mountains, she values human kindness and understanding more than any other human trait because she is truly passionate about being a good person and giving more than she takes.

Connect with Diane

(606) 785-5475