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Vivian Richie

Vivian Richie has her roots set in Southeast Kentucky. She went to Robinson Elementary and finished high school at Knott Central High School, a stone’s throw away from Hindman Settlement School. After high school, Vivian married her husband of thirty-three years, Keith Richie. When Vivian isn’t chilling with her church family and listening to bluegrass gospel, she is in the garden, fishing, or hunting with her family. She makes sure to put her cooking skills to work as she renders tasty meals from the spoils of her hobbies.

Vivian and Keith had two children together who have their own history with the Settlement School. Her oldest, Daniel, was a tutor for the dyslexia program.  Her daughter, Sarah, attended the in-school and after-school program for three years. It was through her children that we found Vivian. We hired her in 2015 as a summer cook and custodian, but after seeing how diligent Vivian was, we hired her on as a part-time member of the Hindman Settlement School family. Ever since, Vivian Richie has been on the Hindman Settlement School’s hospitality staff lightening the lives of everyone who passes the kitchen threshold. Over the years Vivian has garnered plenty of pleasant memories, yet, the one that sits closest to Vivian’s heart is Christmases at Hindman Settlement School with her family However, our favorite memory with Vivian was adding her to the team and what we’re most thankful for is the opportunity to keep making memories with her.

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