The Makery: Picture Book Magic, or Ourselves When New with George Ella Lyon

This workshop will begin with an exploration of the picture book as a unique genre, akin to poetry, but with challenges all its own. We will read classic and contemporary picture books from a writer’s perspective to see how they cast their spells. In doing this, we’ll look at the wide age range picture books reach, from unborn listener to lap-sitter, to early independent reader and beyond.

Once we have that grounding, we will delve into our own material. Paula Fox reminds us that “Children are not a race apart, but ourselves when new,” and we must return to that newness, full of wonder and vulnerability, to discover the territory we’ve come to explore. We can’t go far in so short a time, but we’ll know the route and can return to it for future writing.

As a final project, each participant will page-out a manuscript into dummy form, learning how her words change when read along a flow of pages. We’ll share, discuss, and celebrate these creations, these forays into picture book magic.

The workshop will meet for two 90-minute Zoom sessions per week 1:30-3 pm EST (Tuesday/ Thursday, 9/15-10/1). In case that schedule doesn’t work for you, the Zooms will be recorded.

The Makery at Hindman Settlement School is a new online studio for writers and artists with full-time lives. Our goal is to help deepen your writing and reading practice throughout the year and from the place you make your home. 


Sep 15 2020 - Oct 01 2020


All Day