Oak Ledge

Oak Ledge Writing Residency

Sometimes writers need to be in community, and sometimes they need a little isolation to focus. The Oak Ledge Writing Residency offers writers the opportunity to come to this historic campus and work on their own stories, poems, and projects. 

Oak Ledge is a mecca for Appalachian writers looking for a retreat to pursue their craft in the footsteps of Appalachian literary giants.  


Lucy Furman had Oak Ledge built in 1924 after the publication of The Quare Women. Young Albert Stewart and other children lived in the house with her for several years. After she left, James Still, who is well known for his work River of Earth and one of the founders of the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop, moved in and lived there for decades until his death in 2001, which is why most often this building is referred to as Mr. Still’s house. It was renovated in 2020 and the decision was made to leave his personal office as it was when he lived there. 

The house itself has 1 bedroom with a queen bed, a full kitchen with a dining table, a full bath, laundry facilities, a living room, and Mr. Still’s office. The office walls and other bookshelves throughout the house are filled with his personal library collection. Oak Ledge has wifi available, is across the street from the main campus, and has a scenic view from its perch on the hillside. 


You can book Oak Ledge throughout the year to have your own self-directed residency. 

Residency Rates
Up to 6 nights: $75/night
7 nights: $450
14 nights = $800

For stays between 8 and 13 nights or greater than 14, the pro-rated nightly rate will be used.

To check on the availability of Oak Ledge, submit a booking request or call Office Manager Rita Ritchie at (606) 785-5475.


Hear firsthand the experience of a writer during her time at Oak Ledge.

“I cannot begin to express how very grateful I am for my time at the Oak Ledge Residency. I got so much work done on my novel, with the help of Mr. Still’s books. 

When I first went into his office, I might have wept a little. Everything I need to know is in that room.