Pick & Bow


A low to no-cost after-school music program offering students the opportunity to learn--both in-person and virtually--the dulcimer, banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and ukulele from master musicians.

Research has shown that musicianship is an invaluable tool in helping children to develop socially and mentally. In addition, specifically learning Appalachian old-time music instills a sense of pride and connection to our region and provides a great introduction to Appalachia’s cultural heritage for our youth.

Each semester of Pick & Bow lasts approximately 12 weeks and culminates with a student concert and family celebration. Check out our events calendar for the next concert date!


To register a child to participate in Pick & Bow, contact Traditional Arts Education Director Sarah Kate Morgan at sarah@hindman.org or 606-785-5475.


This project is a component of the ‘In These Mountains: Central Appalachian Folk Arts and Culture’ initiative and supported in part by a grant from South Arts, a nonprofit regional arts organization.


Lauren has been an instructor in our Pick & Bow After-School Music Program for over five years and, throughout that time, has seen the impact of music on the lives of children served.

“To me, teaching and passing on the musical traditions of my Appalachian culture is very important. I remember as a young girl that there were not very many available opportunities for those of us kids who enjoyed music as an extracurricular activity. Not every kid wants to play sports and some children just needed the opportunity to be creative and learn something different — and that’s where Pick and Bow fits in.

While not every student in the program may go on to play music for the rest of their life, they can all benefit from the positive learning environment. And, of course, there are some students who I’ve seen develop a passion and interest for learning music they never knew they had. As a teacher, that’s a great feeling!”