The Settlement School at War

Disclaimer: This letter was written in 1918, therefore it contains dated descriptions and depictions of people of different cultures or backgrounds. The use of these words or phrases do not reflect the sentiment of the Hindman Settlement School in the present or future. However, we feel that sharing this piece of our history can shed light on a different time and allow us to grow as both as an organization and individuals. The language used was wrong then and is wrong now. We want to learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.

These pages were written as a call for support by May Stone during one of the most trying times in American history, World War 1. At the time this letter was written the country was unsure if the war would ever end or that there would be a Second World War just twenty years later. This letter provides an invaluable snapshot of the state of the world, the Hindman Settlement School, and the students that served in what was, at the time, “The Great War”. Without further ado, enjoy this century-old letter from our founder, May Stone.

We would like to thank Dennie Hester from Lawrenceville, Georgia for sending us this piece of Settlement School history and giving us the opportunity to explore the state of the Settlement School during the Great War and share this 100 year old letter.