Foodways Farewell

I sit here, staring across campus and am overwhelmed by the monumental work that has happened here at the forks of Troublesome Creek. The foundation laid in the early years has built an institution that has focused on the community and remained relevant throughout its longstanding history. My time here, has been short, but impactful none the less.  The people, the programs, and the community are things that I will carry into the next adventure. 

It has been my pleasure to serve Hindman Settlement School and our community since 2017. In my short tenure, we have strengthened the Knott County Farmers Market, expanded Grow Appalachia, developed a food brand, created a series discussing traditional Appalachian Foodways, and hosted Dumplins and Dancing celebrating our unique food culture. I leave May 7th, with a teary eye and heavy heart, but with pride knowing the work in Hindman will continue, making a difference, building community, and serving the region that I love. 

With love and Gratitude,

Jason Brashear

Community Programs Director