Why we garden

Gardening means a lot of different things for folks, but for me, it has always been about connecting to my past and staying grounded in the present. Growing up, no matter how much space there was or wasn’t offered by our then home, my mother always found her sunny patches and filled them with veggies …

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Foodways Farewell

I sit here, staring across campus and am overwhelmed by the monumental work that has happened here at the forks of Troublesome Creek. The foundation laid in the early years has built an institution that has focused on the community and remained relevant throughout its longstanding history. My time here, has been short, but impactful …

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Plowing New Ground

Spring is in the air on Troublesome Creek and folks are itching to get ground turned, feel the moist soil on their hands, and see sprouts emerge. After a trying and tiring 2020, I am grateful this spring for bringing a sense of renewal and hope, and with that comes opportunity; the opportunity to make …

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