Student Success: Kyndall & Parker

Each day in our schools, our ReadingCorps tutors work with students across southeastern Kentucky to help teach fundamental reading skills. Periodically on our blog, we will be showcasing the students who are making great strides in their reading skills along with the tutors who help make this success possible.


Kyndall came to me as a very shy student and struggled with self-confidence. I felt like she could read better than what she thought. She would get ahead of herself, skip, and mispronounce words due to her trying to read too quickly. I was told by other students it wasn’t just me she was so shy with. After working with her one on one for a few weeks she started to come out of her shell. I knew I had to figure out a way to make her overcome her fears of reading. We did that by reading aloud with each other which she really enjoyed. After doing this with one sentence at a time she learned very quickly she needed to slow down with her reading, and she has since improved her reading skills and confidence in herself.

-Kayla, ReadingCorps Tutor


Parker, another student at East Perry Elementary, has also made significant progress. Here’s what his tutor Bridgett has to say about his accomplishments and growth:

Parker is a 3rd grade student at East Perry Elementary. At the beginning of the semester, Parker had low self-esteem when it came to reading and had a habit of second-guessing himself. While tutoring him through ReadingCorps, I feel his confidence has made tremendous strides. When he’s pondering on a word, he is no longer afraid to take the leap and say what he thinks the word is, even if it’s not correct. He takes what I’m teaching him and really applies it to his reading and reads with much more confidence. I had him read a Halloween book to me around October and he seemed timid and shy, struggling with letter sounds; I had him read a Christmas book recently, and he was reading much more fluently and confidently than before! Since working with Parker, he corrects what he says wrong before I even get a chance to help him, which is amazing! Parker is a very bright student, and I can only hope he continues to grow and learn using this program and to gain a love for reading

-Bridgett, ReadingCorps Tutor

Let’s all celebrate Parker and Kyndall’s achievements and wish them congratulations and continued success!