Meet Rebecka

Hindman is thrilled to welcome Rebecka Fugate to our programming team to serve as our Foodways Program Director. Although she stepped into this role in late February, she is far from being a stranger to the Settlement School. In recent years Rebecka has served as the manager of the school-sponsored Farmers Market and has been an active participant in our gardening programs.

Rebecka brings a wealth of experience as both an educator and grower. Since becoming a family farm operator in 2016, Rebecka has cultivated a deep love and appreciation for the process of food growth and preservation, but most importantly, sharing those skills and experiences with others in our community. 

She co-owns Good for your Heart Farms in Letcher County, where she uses her two high tunnels to grow fruit and vegetables to supply consumers at the local markets and to supply her productions of jams, jellies, and canned items. You can regularly find these products in The Orchard Shop here on campus!

"I firmly believe that food is love, and feeding others, or teaching them, and their children about food and agriculture is vital to the growth of farming in our region."

Rebecka Fugate, Foodways Program Director Tweet
Her favorite time is spent with her children. She loves getting them involved in growing and using her farm as an educational experience for them, while stocking their family’s pantry. 
Join us in welcoming Rebecka (back) to the Hindman family!