Calling for Art Submissions!

Calling for art submissions! As part of our Fireside Firsts subscription service for new releases from our Fireside Industries imprint with the University Press of Kentucky, we are looking for art submissions that will reflect the themes and imagery of our upcoming release The Safety of Small Things by Jane Hicks. We are looking for 4-5 pieces that will be used on printed products to include with the book, such as notecards. We are primarily looking for photography, but could also include drawings, paintings, digital art, etc.
The powerful collection of poems included in The Safety of Small Things juxtapose the splendor and revelation of nature and science, the circle of life, how family and memory give honor to those we’ve lost, and how they can all fit together. This lyrical and contemplative yet provocative collection sings a song of lucidity, redemption, and celebration.
Below you will find some excerpts from select poems that may spark your imagination or connect with a work you already have.
Into Night
The season of cold begins with the
fire of leaves, the whisper of
ghosts. My friend has gone, a flame
against the frost extinguished.
November came to save me. The rain dripped from eaves,
felled the gaudy leaves, and closed the sky
so I could shut the windows, light the fire, and keen into my tea.
Vultures slow circle possum splayed
on gravel road where children
trudge to a bus, wrinkle noses as they pass.
Night Music
I roll down windows and fly
through honeysuckle nights,
radio replays my youth,
nights WOWO came
through after midnight, oldies
a comfort of a well-worn quilt.
Take This Leaf
A sigh upon leaves,
a gift returned, sweat on a brow, rain anew.
The sun, a lamp, a hearth, what needs be
when needs be. Small. All crouch small
beneath the vault of the sky, or held in the bowl
of the mountains, washed in light,
flow out free where science and soul meet.
Jack Higgs Walks Alone at Hindman
In the morning back-light, the scholar ambles
stage left, discovering along the path
to the James Still Building, stops to touch
the Yellow Rain Tree, deadhead the marigolds,
admire the tumble of stone hearth and chimney
abandoned below the steep bank.
Fall brought forth the mother wounded,
shot across the shoulder, flesh ripped raw, fur pulled away,
spine spared. I watched, hoped she would not succumb -she persisted.
Spring, timid this year, finds her healed, graceful, still mother to beauty.
Safety of Small Things
Here, a night nest, warm wallow
in the tall grass that edges the brush pile –
a deliberate thicket composed for the safety
of small things. Tunnels and trails,
marked by tufts of hair and feathers,
lead to an unseen world that flourishes
while I sleep.
Water, stone, sand and soil–
this is where we begin and end.

Artist understands that they are providing their images royalty free to Hindman Settlement School to be used only the for the purposes of designing products to include in the Fireside Firsts subscription for Jane Hick’s book, The Safety of Small Things. No compensation will be provided. If image is chosen, credit to the artist will be made on the product and Hindman Settlement School will provide the artist with a complimentary gift of the product created, which will be some form of printed media.