Who are the faculty?

Our teaching faculty are not only published Appalachian writers, but they both also are current faculty teaching middle or high school students. Other session facilitators are writers, community educators, and/or performers.

Who are the chaperones?

Our chaperones will be hired for the week and will complete background checks through the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website, A state background check through the Kentucky Court of Justice, and a fingerprint background check through IDENTOGO in coordination with the FBI. For an estimated 20 students, there will be 5 chaperones, two in each house and one lead chaperone helping out where needed. They will receive training from Hindman Settlement School staff to ensure a safe and engaging week for students.

Where will the students bunk?

Students will be in two houses on campus. The houses offer a fridge and microwave, shared bathrooms, common spaces and porches for gathering. Students will have their own beds and potentially share rooms depending on attendance. There will be 2 chaperones staying in each house with the students. During the day when classes and events are occurring, the houses will be locked, and they will be locked each night at lights out time.

What about cars for those driving themselves?

There is minimal parking available on campus, so it is best if students are dropped off. If a student does need to drive themselves, we will ask the student to turn in their keys, which will be locked in a secure office. This is to ensure student safety during the week by keeping everyone together in community on campus.

What about medications students bring with them?

Students can keep over the counter medications in their personal belongings. For students bringing prescription medication, we will secure those medications in a locked location and doses will be distributed discreetly by Hindman staff at the required times. A log of medication disbursement will be kept.

What about technology students bring with them?

We have wifi available in the main buildings where classes and events are taking place, but it may be unreliable in the houses where students will be staying. Students can bring technology with them, such as phones, tablets, or laptops, but students assume all responsibility for the safety and security of those items. HSS cannot be responsible for personal items.

What are the COVID-19 precautions?

Upon check-in on June 26, all students must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The use of masks on campus is not required but is encouraged in indoor, public spaces when students are near each other. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided and available to students.

What about food?

If students have any dietary restrictions, please let us know when registering. There will be three meals served daily, and students can bring snacks and drinks with them, but please only in sealable containers. Our houses are in the woods, and we do not want to attract any critters into our buildings.

What if my student needs an accommodation?

Any needed accommodations, such as dietary, religious, or physical/medical accommodations should be noted upon registration. If you have any questions, please email or call (606) 785-5475 before registering.

What should students bring?

Bedding is provided, but students will need to bring their own toiletries, such as towel, wash cloth, shampoo, shower gel, etc. We will be walking between buildings during the day, so any needed weather-related items, such as an umbrella, should be brought. Also, comfortable shoes, especially since there are quite a few inclines on campus. Sunblock and bug spray are helpful if students want to be outdoors during their free time. Also, consider late June temperatures. It may be very hot outside and cold inside the air-conditioned buildings, so clothes to layer is advisable.

What else can they bring?

Students will have afternoon and evening blocks of free time to spend by themselves or with others. They can bring things such as art sketchbooks and supplies, games to play with others, small sports equipment such as a football or frisbee, musical instruments, or a blanket to sit onoutdoors. Please do not bring bikes, skateboards, or other items that take a lot of space to use or other prohibited items such as alcohol, tobacco, weapons, lighters, candles, or illegal drugs.

What if I need to contact my student?

If they do not have a cellphone, or are struggling to get service, you can call our office at (606) 785-5475 during normal business hours or email Community Programs Manager Melissa Helton at at any time. She will make sure to check email multiple times a day.

What if my student needs to contact me?

If the student needs, they can call out using our office phone or use a campus computer to send a message.

What if my student has a problem?

Students will have immediate access to their house chaperones, as well as faculty and other Hindman staff. Students will also have the cell phone number for Melissa Helton, who will be on campus with them the entire week.