Winter Burrow

The submission period for 2023 is now closed. Thank you for your interest!


Session proposals accepted August 1 to September 1

Like other conferences and festivals, there is an opportunity for folks to submit proposals for panels, discussions, performances, and presentations. Subjects for proposals that we’re interested in connect to literature, music, and/or art in Appalachia.

The 2023 Winter Burrow theme is Borderless Appalachia. We want to ponder on and discuss all the ways that theme can be interpreted. What are the borders around us? Who defines them? How are they changing? What are their power? Where do they overlap or dissolve? Do we need them? How do they echo borders in other communities?

Types of Sessions

We are looking for engaging sessions spanning from scholarly presentations (ex: The Symbolism of the Cabin in Lucy Furman’s Work), to discipline discussions (ex: Fostering Community in Chattanooga with Poetry Night at Wanderlinger), to cross discipline adventures (ex: Building a Playlist for Robert Gipe’s Novels), to craft demonstrations (ex: How to Use Recycled Materials to Make Windchimes), to performances (Joe Schmoe Plays Selections from His New Album), to sessions we can’t even imagine yet.